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SNC Smart Stock

SNC Smart Stock extends your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with the possibility to automatically calculate optimized Requisition Lines. Optimize your stock keeping with optimal purchases.

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1 Introduction

The core features of SNC Smart Stock are:

After installing this app please get in contact with us in order to receive your personal access for our planning service.

1.1 The Smart Stock System

SNC Smart Stock provides you with functionalities to calculate master data and purchase planning proposals and to view the results in tabular and graphical form. The calculations themselves are performed in the SNC Smart Stock system, which is operated by SIEVERS-GROUP outside of Business Central. In order to use the functionalities of the system, your Business Central application must be connected to the system. This is described in the section Initial Setup. There you also set up a job in the job queue through which the planning process can be performed automatically.

Once the initial setup is done, prepare the items and item categories for use with Smart Stock. This step is described in Set up stock keeping and master data. You can then perform the first Planning. The planned purchase orders are then converted to purchase orders.

Now it is sufficient for the buyer to look into the planning worksheets after the execution of the task queue item and from there create the planned purchase orders.

1.1.1 Calculation

SNC SmartStock does not only use its own fields - which can be found for example under Planning parameters - to calculate the planning proposals. Standard fields from Business Central are also taken into account.


en de
Lead Time Calculation Beschaffungszeit
Safety Lead Time Sicherh.-Zuschl. Beschaff.-Zt.
Lot Accumulation Period Loskumulierungsperiode
Minimum Order Quantity Minimale Losgröße
Maximum Order Quantity Maximale Losgröße
Order Multiple Losgrößenrundungsfaktor
Safety Stock Quantity Sicherheitsbestand
Maximum Inventory Maximalbestand
Vendor No. (for calendar) Kreditorennr. (für Kalender)


en de
Inbound Warehouse Handling Time Eingeh. Lagerdurchlaufzeit
Base Calendar Code (for calendar) Basiskalendercode (für Kalender)

1.2 Data Security

All transmitted business data is pseudonymized. The following business data is replaced by sequential numbers, which are stored in Business Central.

2 Initial Setup

The following manual describes the initial setup using various steps of the SNC Smart Stock Setup Wizard. First open this via the search.

The first page of the SNC Smart Stock Setup Wizard begins the setup process.

2.1 Basic Setup

On the second page of the SNC Smart Stock Setup Wizard you have the option to open the Smart Stock Setup. On this the basic properties of SNC Smart Stock can be configured.

On the SNC Smart Stock setup page, first set up Login.

2.2 Registration

On the SNC Smart Stock Setup page, click More Options > Actions > Administration > Register.

After successful registration, the Client Secret field is filled with the specific key.

Once registered, you can use all the functionalities of SNC Smart Stock. You can do master data maintenance and planning for up to 10 stock keeping data with SNC Smart Stock to evaluate the system for your purposes. Please contact us if you want to maintain and plan a larger number of stock keeping data.

2.3 Planning Parameters

On the SNC Smart Stock Setup page, you can configure additional parameters that affect the planning and display of results.

2.4 Article Preparation

Now the articles have to be made ready for use with SNC Smart Stock. In the following two steps of the setup wizard, you can either set up the articles individually, or convert entire article categories to Smart Stock right away. For an article to be successfully scheduled, the following conditions must be met:

To reduce the amount of work involved in setting reordering parameters, SNC Smart Stock features automatic calculation of reordering parameter suggestions.

In the section Set Up Stock Keeping and Master Data, the process of setting up and planning is walked through using an example with one article.

2.5 Purchaser

The next step in the setup wizard is to assign purchasers to worksheet templates and journal batch names.

2.6 Vendors

After that, set up the vendors for Smart Stock. There are now two more tabs in the vendor map: